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On behalf of TDM 2000 International, a European network of youth organizations, we would like to kindly ask you to fill out this brief questionnaire regarding youth and active citizenship. This survey is aimed at defining the actual problems that our communities deal with, in order to set up practical solutions together and actively participate in change through the local laboratories.

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Q1) Gender (required):

Q2) Nationality(required):

Q3) Where are you living now? (required):

Q4) Age(required):

Q5) At which stage of education are you?

Q6) How much do you care about the following? Mark 1-5 (1- don’t care at all, 5- care very much)







Sports and outdoor activities:

Art & Culture:






New technologies:


Q7) Do you think there are any problems in your local community?

Q8) Do you know the causes of these problems?

Q9) Do you have any suggestions that would address these problems?

Q10) What is your understanding of active participation?

Q11) Do you think that you personally could be part of a positive change to your society?

Q11b) If not Why?

Q12) In which way are you active?

Q13) Which factors inspire you to be active in your community?
FamilyFriends from the school/universityFriends outside of school/universityFriends from foreign countriesAcquaintancesMyself

Q14) Which of the following competences do you think you lack to be able to fully participate in the development of the society in which you live?

Q15) Do you think it is possible to access opportunities in addition to your education that will develop these competences?

Q16) How do you think your local society will change over the next 10 years?

Q17) Do you feel like you are a European citizen?

Q18) Are you going to vote in the European Parliament elections?

Q19) Which of the following programmes from the EU do you know of?

If you would like to take part to the next phases of our project, please leave us your data:
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Thanks a lot for your time!



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