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Associazione TDM 2000
logo-tdmintTDM 2000 International is an international network, active all over Europe and neighbors, independent, non profit, created and managed by young people. Its activities aim to encourage the cooperation amongst countries in the field of youth to support their personal and professional growth. It promotes their active participation with regards to the evolution of the European Union towards a democratic and participative system at any level. It encourages the voluntarism as a tool for the development of the individuals and of the societies with results in terms of employability. The organization and the realization of these projects contribute to development of young people by broadening their understanding of cultural differences and by making them responsible for the activities that they undertake.






adamos-logoThe Adamos Association is aimed at spreading and promoting European values such as democracy and human rights, support cultural and historical education among young citizens of Europe (including shaping attitude of active citizens and volunteers), acting for tolerance, peace and understanding between nations, familiarizing mechanisms of EU and promoting self-development by non-formal learning methodology.

We provide training, seminars, debates, visits to embassies and study visits. By involving young people in a direct exchange with ambassadors, ministers, entrepreneurs, journalists, MEPs, EU Commissioners, researchers, teachers and artists, they will be able to experience decision making and active citizenship. ADAMOS is member of TDM 2000 International network.

Asociatia D.G.T.

dgtD.G.T. Association is a non-governmental organisation which officially started its activity in March 2011. It was born from the will and passion to take action in the community of our members and afterwards at a national and European level.

The name, ”D.G.T.” represents the acronym for “Do Great Things” and the motto is: “Do Great Things and leave your mark…”. The mission of D.G.T. Association is centered on the creation and setting-up of a national and international network of youngsters, students, trainers and teachers of various nationalities and backgrounds.




Asociation MEMOVE
memove“MEMOVE” is an association of young people created by young business men, artists and scientists who were looking for ways of cooperation among them. The motivation to spread information about the youth programmes in local community and make young Lithuanians more aware about Youth in Action programme, international collaboration, end their rights was a reason to create association which promotes personal and professional development of young creative personalities.
National Institute for Social

National Institute for Social Integration (shortly – Ž – this organization creates and applies social innovations, which supports the integration of the persons from various socially vulnerable groups within the manifold society.

The institute has convoked the initiative team, composing from office and external experts, in order to ensure this aim. This team is implementing five continuous programmes and creates new ones.

Ž is distinctive by application of the complex problem solving pattern, direct inclusion of the of the socially vulnerable groups and youth in the public activities.




TDM 2000 Estonia
tdm-estonia-logo“TDM 2000 Estonia promotes youth mobility through the realization of youth exchange programmes among youngster from all round the world. This activity aims to develop the consciousness of peace, international cooperation and mutual understanding.

TDM 2000 Estonia is an organization apolitical, independent, no profit with educational aims that coordinates youngsters willing to cooperate in the voluntary sector. TDM 2000 Estonia also provides leisure time activity for young people It does not discriminate on the base of race, colour, religion, sex, religion belief, ethnic provenience or nationality.

It believes in the mutual respect of different cultures and in the equality between people; it aims to contribute to the development of the countries in which it works putting a main effort toward international cooperation and mutual understanding, this is made through cultural exchange and practical experience.

Urban Style
h-streetYouth association Urban Style is an organization apolitical, independent, no profit with educational aims that coordinates youngsters willing to cooperate in the voluntary sector and interested in charity.

Urban Style promotes urban culture among young people and organizes youth cultural events for own members and for other youngsters.

It does not discriminate on the base of race, colour, religion, sex, religion belief, ethnic provenience or nationality. Urban Style creates links among the individual from different cultures that operate in different communities. The contact and the comparison between them modify their own way of interacting with their original economic and social environment.


Associazione TDM
tdm2000“Associazione TDM 2000” is an independent organization, no profit, that coordinates young people willing to cooperate in the voluntary sector, supporting them in developing personal and professional skills through experiential learning and non-formal education. Main fields of interest: HRE, democracy, ICL, active citizenship, non formal education, international cooperation, local development. All the activities we implement are thought, planned and realized by young people. In the frame of YiA, we are active under all actions, and we are accredited as HO,SO and CO for the EVS. We are recognized as Volunteer Organization by the Government of Sardinia. We are accredited by the CoE and we participate in Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. From 2009 we are hosting a project under National Civil Service. We cooperate with other Sardinian associations and institutions. We are part of the Anna Lindh Foundation network. TDM 2000 is member of TDM 2000 International network.

sulcis-logoWe are a group of young people who recently established our association with the aim of contributing to the development of the territory in which we operate and through international exchange, cultural experiences and dissemination of international culture among young people. The members of the association are active young people in society, in associations and young administrators of various affiliations.





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