Youth Ambasadors in Kaunas city council

//Youth Ambasadors in Kaunas city council
Youth Ambasadors in Kaunas city council 2015-01-23T13:03:57+00:00

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      Raise Up laboratories in Kaunas city council

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      In order to reduce youth unemployment level it was suggested to :Make youngster aware about the benefits of voluntarism. In this way young person will get new skills and will have work practice what will make them more desirable in the market.Formal education provides knowledge, but the necessary qualities and skills needed for a good employee often easier to obtain out of the school or university door. Therefore, non-formal education can help solving this sensitive problem of youth unemployment across all the Europe, – it helps to shape more competitive workers, promotes youth entrepreneurship and helps to decide on a profession.

      We are always striving to find a way of collaboration together

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