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    Youth Commitment/Pledge:

    Description of practice :

    An agreement to break the barriers between youth councils by encouraging both sides to see each other’s viewpoints and focusing on common goals that both parties have responsibility for. Both the council and the youth council fill out their responses to up to 12 relevant topics using the questions “What do youth councils need?”, “What do local councils need?”, “What will youth councils do?” and “What will local councils do?”. These responses are then brought together over the course of one meeting and the final document is then based around three statements : “What youth councils need”, “What do local councils need” and “What we will do”, to create the joint responsibility while recognizing the separate entities. Leaders of the youth councils and councils sign one copy of this agreement alongside a “Youth Champion” from the local area and any other organizations who want to lend their support. An annual evaluation is completed in a special meeting which evaluates the effectiveness of the agreement and develops the points for the next year to come.

    Needs addressed :

    Up to 12 needs are addressed depend on the topics of the Youth Commitment/Pledge and can cover many things such as appropriate space, devotion of time and direction of support. Needs can be addressed over a short or long term and broken down into several points if necessary.


    • Greater cohesion and cooperation between the youth councils and local councils.
    • Greater effect of the youth council on local and current policy.
    • Greater impact of the local councils on youth culture.
    • A more focused, inclusive and democratic approach to decision making.

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