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    The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP)

    Description of practice :

    YIP is planned and hosted by an international group of young people who met through the network of the Youth Section. The International Youth Initiative Program is a social entrepreneur training: exploring inner and outer aspects of life, and developing the skills to make a positive contribution in today’s society. Youth 18 to 28 work with international experts, doers and innovators, who give an overview of current global issues, challenges we face in society, and encourage an active role in the big picture. The participants learn the skills and knowledge needed to recognize social challenges and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage an initiative for social change.

    Need addressed:

    The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) is primarily concerned with strengthening the capacity of young people to take an active role in fostering positive cultural, social, environmental, and economic change that will benefit all sections of society and to eliminate social injustice, poverty, and inequality. YIP is global in scope and international in concept and sees real benefits in bringing young people together from all parts of the world to reflect on the meaning and impact of globalization. YIP pays tribute to young peoples’ potential and ability as cultural creatives within local communities and society at large.


    The unique contribution of the YIP is to bring the creative energies of young people into direct contact with the needs and aspirations of local communities. Through this engagement YIP will facilitate the growth and development of both the young people and the communities in which they develop their activities.

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