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    Video workshops “Co-existing of diverse worlds”:

    Description of practice :

    A group of young homeless people and those with homes came together in a successful video project. They discovered differences and synergies of their different worlds through dialogue: different life experiences, world views, ways of life, cultural environments, interests and desires. In these conversations, they recognized the need of youth for a space and opportunity to tell these stories, which they are experiencing and living. So they developed a project idea to create short movies about their worlds and their mutual interlinking. Soon more young people joined, connected with the idea of filming short (self)presenting movies. The instructor Tanja Vuzem, co-worker of the association Kralji ulice (Kings of the street – a NGO which deals with homeless people) was included in the initiative. Since the project involved youth with less opportunities, the initiators chose the instructor with rich expertise and experiences in the field of poverty, social exclusion and homelessness. Her role was described by the youth as “someone who is invisibly involved into the project all the time”. She knew at all times what is going on with the project group, but left the participants to make their own decisions and would get involved only if they expressed the need.

    In the preparation period of this one year project, the initiators first tried to develop the basic idea about filming their own video stories. They had a meeting twice a week for two hours, where they got to know each other and where they planned the project. In the next five months they had educational workshops where they developed technical skills about video cameras, recording techniques, work with actors, editing and the use of web. In the future months they used this knowledge and skills in filming the individual video clips and a joint presentation video. In the final phase of the project they distributed DVDs and prepared a presentation seminar, where they shared the experience with interested youth organization with the purpose to encourage them to prepare similar projects. They finished the project with a thorough final evaluation.

    Need addressed :

    Through development of the project, the initiators recognized the potential of the idea for informal education, which was not limited only to the involved individuals, but has the value in the wider social sense. With the movies, they tried to show barely ever heard positions and unfulfilled needs of youth and activate the civil society to develop solidarity, tolerance and quality systems of support. Project tried to make a change in the individual level of participants, and also influence the local community and wider public. Through informal education the participants gained skills, knowledge and competences, which would allow them easier access to social resources, empower them, improve their self-image, encourage cultural and social participation. At the same time they wanted to enable the local community and wider public to get to know the culture of the homeless and their lives, increase solidarity and activate civil society, enable insight into prospects of young people on the edge of society, and minimize the damage caused by homelessness to the individual, local and wider community.


    Main product of the project, DVD with the collection of short movies, was intended to be sold in the streets. This was an additional source of income for the homeless and presented the alternative to begging. Participants regularly reported about the course of the project and the results in 10 articles in the street magazine Kralji ulice (Kings of the street). The idea did not finish with the project, but continued in a very successful way. One of the movies titled “Marko” was even presented at some Slovenian and foreign film festivals and won some awards.

    The active participation of youth, especially from the edge of society, is even more important than the final products (DVDs). It develops and encourages mutual relations, connects youth from different social backgrounds, spreads tolerance and strengthens social cohesion and intercultural dialogue.

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