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      Description of practice :

      The idea of Nefiks, a tool for recording, and consequently recognition, of informally gained knowledge, was a partner project between youth organization Mladinski ceh (Youth Guild) and the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.

      A system which systematically and accurately records competences of a young individual in one place was established. It follows the trends on EU level (Europass, Youthpass) and at home (regulations for the recognition of informally gained knowledge at faculties), is respected at home (a recommendation by the University of Ljubljana) and abroad, and is updated according to the latest theoretical knowledge and needs of the labor market. Index arose from the Scandinavian model and was adapted and implemented into Slovenian youth space according to the analysis and the experience of the creators.

      Index is divided into six thematic areas, adapted to Slovenian youth area and engagement: Competences gained through active citizenship and responsible project work, Competences gained through work, Competences gained through organized forms of education (workshops and seminars), Competences gained in camps and through voluntary work, Competences gained abroad, Other forms of gaining competences.

      It exists in a printed form (booklet Nefiks), and in web version (E-Nefiks), which is available to anyone for free at, and has over 16.000 registered users.

      After a certain activity is noted, it has to be confirmed by the provider or employer. In printed version this is done with a signature and a stamp, and in e-version it is done through electronic confirmation with the official e-mail of the contact person and the IP of the computer, from which the entry is confirmed.

      Need addressed :

      The idea of Nefiks grew from the realization that young people gain knowledge and valuable life competences in different life situations. For this reason it is necessary to record this competences in a way that is appropriate for the needs of further education and employment.

      Outcomes :

      From the aspect of the individual, it is easy to use, electronic version is available to anyone for free, it motivates a young individual to learn, get engaged and develop new competences, it offers comprehensive review of their own competences and consequently allows career planning and personal growth, it represents a tool which helps a young individual to describe and evaluate their knowledge.

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