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    Description of practice :

    “Young people decide!” project aimed at selecting, promoting and involving in a wide civic education program based on the principle of training the trainer, a number of 30 youngsters from Timisoara.

    Need addressed:

    1. Realizing an exchange of experience with the Italian partner and transferring know-how in order to identify the most efficient possibilities of stimulating youth civic implication in the city life and local community;
    2.By organizing some documentation visits, training sessions and team Building, it has been followed the creation and training of a well informed group in what concerns the way of functioning of the local governance, the legislation regarding the administration, capable of multiplying and spreading among colleagues of similar ages the good practices they have learned;
    3. The working group has monitored the community from the Fabric neighborhood to identify the problems and opportunities of development in the area;
    4.With the support of specialty departments and directions, one of the identified issues was the subject of a draft resolution of the City Council, following to be turned into a decision of this forum;
    5. The working group will be directly involved in implementing the City Council in the benefit of community.


    One major objective of the project, medium and long term, was also building a youth network, to be trained by whom were themselves trained about public life, legislation and working processes of local administration.

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