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      Information and citizenship promotion campaign “I do care”

      Description of practice :

      Lithuanian youth have a special role participating in development of democracy and knowledge based society. An active participation of young people in democratic process of decision making still remains one of the most actual challenges and issues in Lithuania and European Union. According to the data of survey on youth civic empowerment index (CEI – The survey was commissoned by the Ministry of Education and Science) conducted in 2010, it was stated young people living in Lithuania feel, that they have more civic power than the rest of society. However, civic activeness of young people is still relatively low. Analysis of CEI survey data has shown that young people are less interested in the political news of the country than others, are less politically educated, their participation in elections is not active.

      Need addressed :

      This conclusion can be illustrated by low activeness of young people in the parliamentary elections in 2008. In order to strengthen civic empowerment of young people and all Lithuanian society, it is vitally important to inform and to show them in an acceptable way how their participation in democratic decision-making processes can affect their own lies and the environment Lithuanian Youth Council in cooperation with its members organisations in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 organised Information and citizenship promotion campaigns “I do care”. The main aims of these campaigns were to encourage young people to take an active part in the democratic decision-making processes, to provide young people with the knowledge and information about their possibilities to participate in the political life of the country, to create an opportunity for young people to meet and to get to know better future representatives of the nation, politicians. The campaign aimed to present election programmes of the candidates in an attractive way, thus enabling a young person to choose responsibly whom they want to give their votes for. Each year, a new methodology for campaign was chosen, various actions, concerts organised, promotional material prepared. Attractive and easy accessible information has received a positive feedback. The campaign was organised in relation to Lithuanian Parliamentary elections, Lithuanian Presidential elections, European Parliament‘s elections, municipal elections, thus encouraging young people gradually become actively involved in civic life of their country. Each year famous Lithuanian public figures join the campaign encouraging young people to become more curious and active.


      The campaign does not promote or support any of political parties or politicians; however, it emphasizes the importance of interest and active involvement.

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