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      Unica 2.0

      Unica 2.0 was born in 2008, thanks to the students of the University of Cagliari and other student organizations. Thanks to the commitment of young people, student representation and free initiatives of people and pertinent organizations, Unica 2.0 wants to conduct its commitment towards the university field.

      Among its different cultural projects, the two main ones are : the night bus service and the university libraries open until midnight.

      Night buses:

      Unica 2.0, thanks to its commitment towards the valorisation of the student citizenship, managed to obtain during the summer, a public transportation service in the night.

      This one was a big step for the student community and for the city of Cagliari as such service was not implemented before.

      Thanks to this night bus service, the reaching of the centre of Cagliari, that is also the cultural core of the city, was possible for all the youngsters and for all the people who wanted to avoid the use of the car, escaping from all the possible risks connected to its use. The institution of this service represents an important step for the student community of the city.

      Unica 2.0 managed to reach this agreement thanks to its efforts and to the agreements with the Major of Cagliari and with the public transportation company called “CTM”.

      Public libraries open until midnight:

      Since January 2014, libraries of some of the main universities in Cagliari will be open until midnight, from Monday till Friday. The Association Unica 2.0 worked with big efforts to achieve this result that, although it is still in a “experimental phase”, is achieving big results and the student community of Cagliari is hoping that this service will be a standard during the whole year.

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