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    (!DOWNLOAD!) Whitechapel The Valley Mp3 Album Download Zip On March 29, Knoxville, Tennessee death metallers WHITECHAPEL will release their seventh full-length album, “The Valley”, via Metal Blade Records. Produced once again by Mark Lewis (CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) and featuring artwork by Branca Studio, the disc’s title is a reference to the part of Hardin Valley (west of Knoxville) where vocalist Phil Bozeman grew up. Set against this backdrop, he approaches his subject matter unflinchingly, building upon everything that came before, making it clear that he has survived that which he was forced to endure and is not afraid to confront it.

    Track list:

    01. When A Demon Defiles A Witch

    02. Forgiveness Is Weakness

    03. Brimstone

    04. Hickory Creek

    05. Black Bear

    06. We Are One

    07. The Other Side

    08. Third Depth

    09. Lovelace

    10. Doom Woods

    “Phil has been prematurely in his lyrics within the beyond approximately hardships he persevered in his life as a toddler, and i believe with this file we attempted to color a better picture of that,” says guitarist Alex Wade, who along his bandmates, stands 100% in the back of everything their vocalist has to mention. “I experience our track is Phil’s launch from his past, being able to get it out and communicate about it, and hopefully every person who hears it which can have long past through similar reports can locate a few release in it as well.”

    all of us throwing “The Valley” on for the first time will at once apprehend it because the work of WHITECHAPEL, yet, as has been the case with every launch, there is additionally evolution in play. “Sound-smart, it is everywhere in the place,” Bozeman states evidently. “there is aggression, and then you definately’re hit with ominous and emotional guitar riffs. it is imply, however then transfers to soft and inviting. it’s a whirlwind of emotions all through.”

    beginning today, WHITECHAPEL will be on the street for his or her “Ten Years of Exile” u.s. tour, commemorating the tenth anniversary of “that is Exile”. presenting CHELSEA GRIN, OCEANO and SLAUGHTER TO be successful as support, this trek will see WHITECHAPEL carry out “this is Exile” in its entirety, plus a spread of different songs — and might be the closing run of suggests earlier than the band excursions in guide of “The Valley”.

    the day before today, Tennessee deathcore monsters Whitechapel shared a cutting-edge music referred to as ‘Brimstone’, and now the band have shared the info surrounding their 7th studio album, ‘The Valley’.

    Produced with the aid of Mark Lewis, mixed by way of David Castillo, and mastered through Ted Jensen, the report is a reference to the a part of Hardin Valley (west of Knoxville, Tennessee) wherein vocalist Phil Bozeman grew up.

    Guitarist Alex Wade had this to mention approximately the file’s lyrical content material and messages, all approached and tackled via Bozeman.

    considering that their 2007 debut, The Somatic Defilement, Whitechapel’s output has been mired in darkness, but they have got never inhabited blacker territory than wherein we discover them on 7th full-duration, The Valley. “Lyrically, emotionally, melody smart, there aren’t many ‘satisfied’ sounding parts on this document,” states guitarist Alex Wade. “Our remaining album, Mark of the Blade (2016) did no longer sound precisely ‘happy’ both, but the general public of those songs did no longer have a lot emotion or vibe at the back of them, they were just honest steel songs. these songs have a darker, greater melancholic presentation to them.” With vocalist Phil Bozeman having by no means held returned when it comes to talking his mind, and handing over lyrics as uncompromising as his decimating vocals, this time round he gets even greater personal, and in looking to the hardships of his youth the tune had to in shape the tone. “it is all about me as a child, and some of it’s far me searching back on that point from the perspective of now,” he explains. “additionally, it’s my interpretation of my mom’s struggles and her extraordinary personalities. She had a journal that contained very traumatic and sometimes evil writings, and a number of her rates and a variety of that magazine is inside the lyrics.”

    With Wade admitting that due to inner issues in the course of the making of Mark of the Blade the end result changed into no longer their satisfactory work, it remains a record he’s happy with, with the band confidently venturing into new sonic territory, and it became nonetheless a huge hit with their fans. however for The Valley, Wade, Bozeman, bassist Gabe Crisp and guitarists Zach Householder and Ben Savage have been all “in a miles better area mentally, and the music reflects that”. as with all in their releases there has been no plan in place in advance of time, preferring to permit the tune broaden organically, and this time they have been assisted by using technical wizard Navene Koperweis – previously of Animals As Leaders and Animosity – behind the drum kit. “I actually love what Navene added to the table for us with his drumming. it is the appropriate mixture of tough hitting groove that sits inside the pocket and the velocity/technicality you are used to listening to in our track. he is an wonderful musician and nailed all of the drum tracks in five days, which really inspired me,” Wade enthuses. all of us throwing The Valley on for the first time will right away apprehend it because the paintings of Whitechapel, yet as has been the case with every launch there is additionally evolution in play. “Sound-sensible, it’s all around the place,” Bozeman states plainly. “there may be aggression, and you then’re hit with ominous and emotional guitar riffs. it’s mean, but then transfers to gentle and welcoming. it’s a whirlwind of emotions at some stage in.” As at the record’s predecessor, Bozeman once more brings a few easy vocals into the combination, which might be most effective ever implemented for the betterment of the man or woman song, and “Hickory Creek” is Whitechapel’s first music to solely feature singing. “With the instrumentation nonetheless sounding dark and heavy I think Phil’s selection to sing the entire song presents a nice complementing stability,” says Wade. “His singing never sounds awkward or forced, it usually just sounds like what is supposed to move there.”

    The valley of the identify relates to the a part of Hardin Valley, west of Knoxville, Tennessee, where Bozeman grew up. Set in opposition to this backdrop, he approaches his problem count unflinchingly, building upon the whole thing that came earlier than, making it clean that he has survived that which he turned into forced to undergo and is not afraid to confront it. “Phil has been in advance in his lyrics within the beyond approximately hardships he persevered in his existence as a child, and i trust with this file we tried to color a better photograph of that,” says Wade, who alongside his bandmates stands a hundred% at the back of the entirety their vocalist has to mention. “I sense our music is Phil’s launch from his past, being able to get it out and speak approximately it, and with any luck all of us who hears it which can have gone via comparable experiences can find some launch in it as well.” To track this powerful series, the band yet again teamed up with manufacturer Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia murder) whose dedication to developing the great viable file displays that of the musicians concerned. “Mark has carried out the last three records so we are all aware about each other’s paintings ethic from the start. i was pressed for time on lyrics however I always like to put in writing when i am compelled. Makes it easier for me in some way,” Bozeman admits. Recorded inside the home studios of Wade and Householder, with drums lain down at Warner Brothers Studio in Nashville, TN, the method was very secure for all concerned, taking longer than typical due to the band interrupting sessions to excursion, however now not to their detriment. “The sessions were a laugh to me typical however very a lot right down to business,” Wade says. “not certainly a good deal partying taking place throughout tracking, it seemed all and sundry turned into there to do their activity, and because they have been pretty spaced out it did not seem like we have been too rushed or confused.”

    The Knoxville steel titans will of route be hitting the street difficult again now that they’ve a new collection of songs underneath their collective belt. For Wade, every report the band drops is an vital stepping stone as they preserve to construct Whitechapel’s legacy, and The Valley is not any exception. “we have increased at the sound we created on Mark Of The Blade and created a greater cohesive paintings of art typical. I agree with our fanatics may be capable of pay attention and admire the general temper and vibe that we created with this record, which applies to each element of it, consisting of the paintings. furthermore, we are stronger now as a band than we had been inside the beyond few years, and that i hope that we are capable of appearance returned on this album and see it as a first-rate transitioning period of our career, in a tremendous way.” Bozeman is of the same opinion, however makes it very a great deal clear that ultimately, however all and sundry else reacts to it, The Valley is definitely the file Whitechapel desired to make, with out a exceptions or limitations. “We write what we need, and no matter if it’s tune, structure, drawing or something, you must be capable of create anything you need. We make music for ourselves first and essential, and if fanatics love it, tremendous. if they hate it, terrific. it truly is the splendor of art. You do it for your self and if you’re lucky, make a dwelling off of it.”

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