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    EntreRURAL – Exploring Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas – Hellevad Watermill

    Description of practice :

    In October 2014 Danish Youth Organization “Dansk ICYE “ implement the first part of a chain project under the Erasmus+ framework and it was developed together with representative from 3 different countries (Georgia, Estonia, Armenia).

    The main aim of the project was to promote entrepreneurial mindset through raising the awareness of rural/natural areas as a potential field for career development of young people. The organizers of the project have seen a huge gap between opportunities in the rural areas compared to the urbanized areas, in the different countries and what they wanted to do is to create opportunities for young people in the rural areas by using entrepreneurial methods. On this project they got the funding for the further work on the next three projects where they will try to implement some of the ideas they had on this project.

    Outcomes :

    The project raised the problem of urbanization, unemployment in rural areas, but initiators of the ideas of the project also saw some good practices of entrepreneurship in rural areas. First of all, participants stayed on a farm that was turned into a place for tourists who could experience the real farm life, in Hellevad Watermill. Furthermore they visited a ‘nature hostel’ which had some shelters in the forest. Young people could borrow and sleep and cook inside. The ideas were created by participants on the further work on the different projects and participants, together with organizers from 3 different country decided to make a festival about crafts, food and folk music in a rural area that promotes its sustainability.

    The blog of the project is available on this link :
    Link of Facebook Group :

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