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    Against the violence in schools: “School: Space of Peace”

    The Andalusian Government (Spain) developed an Education Plan to promote the culture of peace and non violence, which has been developed since 2001 in order to improve co-existence in schools.

    This plan has been a pioneer in the creation of the first infrastructure to assist schools in preventing problems of co-existence, which led to the creation of the Network: Spaces of Peace in Schools in 2000.

    The Andalusian net “School: Space of Peace” opened over 2000 centers and in the space of fourteen years, worked hard from schools in preventing problems with co-existence plans. Building a Culture of Peace, they promote value, attitudes and behaviors that demonstrate and raise social interaction and sharing based on the principles, underlying the basic human right to peace, synthesis of human rights and democracy.

    The results are the improvement of school life and the resolution of conflicts by students with a mediator of the same age.

    They are proving that, through dialogue and negotiation, it is possible to prevent conflict and eliminate violence, and moreover, to promote a fully participation in the society development process.

    A report by the Ombudsman of Spain based on a survey of 300,000 students in secondary schools shows less school violence in Spain compared to the rest of the neighboring countries. In France, about 240,000 incidents of school violence occurred per quarter. In the UK, according to a recent survey, 80% of teachers report that student behavior has deteriorated in recent years.

    Education is the main instrument to construct democratic citizenship, peace and human rights.

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