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The “Raise a problem, get an answer” is a project that will last 17 months and will be implemented in 4 countries (Estonia, Italy, Lithuania and Romania) with 8 youth organizations working in the field of active participation.

The aim of the project is to create a platform for the exchange of best practices and policies about activities that youth can undertake to start a real change in their society. In this way, the platform constitutes an useful tool without geographical limitations for all the people who want to know more about best practices and policies of other countries.

Through the activities organized at local and international level, the project will involve more than 1000 youngsters directly and many more with its effects.

“Raise a problem, get an answer!” wants to reach as many young people as possible, giving them the opportunity to get to know about best practices and ideas from other countries, having the chance to be the change of the community in which they live.

The aims of the project 

What are the objectives of “Raise a problem, get an answer!” ?

  • To provide young people with knowledge and competences about active participation and active citizenship.
  • Help young people to understand their role of active agents for the change of their community.
  • Stimulate and encourage the youth in being active in expressing ideas and creating solutions for the problems that affect their local realities and the European society.
  • Build a link between young people and policy makers who can work together to identify the problems and find answers to the problems of the community.
  • Favour the interaction among people from different cultures and backgrounds.


All the partner countries (Italy, Estonia, Romania, Lithuania) involved in the project will organize different actions at local level in order to raise the awareness about active citizenship giving young people the possibility to take part to the change of their community. Questionnaires will be spread and local laboratories will be organized to analyse the problems raised by young people.

Thanks to the collection of best practices and policies, users of the platform from all over the world will have an overview on all the EU countries and more, getting new ideas and inspiration for future projects and actions to act for the positive change of their community.


Through a series of activities organized at local and international level the project will involve over 1000 youngsters directly and many more with its effects.


  • Local level:

Kick-off conferences

Collection of best practices and policies about youth participation activities.

Spreading the questionnaires among young people identifying the common problems that affect local communities.

Workshops during which young people, with the support of  policy makers, will analyze the raised problems and will study a solution for them.

  • International level:

Kick-off meeting in Italy

International Meeting in Romania

Mid term evaluation in Lithuania

Visit to the Commissions in Bruxelles

Final evaluation in Estonia