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    Unemployment and economic crisis (Iglesias)

    In the  Sulcis area (a southwestern region of Sardinia, Italy)  young people are facing the problem of unemployment . The collapse of heavy industry left an area devoid of development and stimulation. The youth of this territory feels the weight of its inactivity, youngsters live in families where their parents  do not have a job too and all the family is living in a precarious situation. Young people have a strong feeling of distrust towards who have a political role in the community.

    How to bring some change and give some solutions to this problem?

    Young inhabitants of  Iglesias believe that the politics should  solve somehow the unemployment crisis but they are also aware of the role of  youngsters in process of change in their community. Young people of  Iglesias see the solution to this problem in the innumerable natural resources of the Sulcis area that can be valued to create new job opportunities (hiking, seaside tourism, food and wine tourism, archaeology and culture).

    In order to develop these plans, trainings that give young people the tools to appraise their territory and create job opportunities are needed.

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    You mentioned that the region has innumerable natural resources, I think that could be useful to develop an strategy of agritourism development. Agriculture is ingrained in the community‘s history and plays an important economic and cultural role. This sector has influenced the development of the regions communities and is one of the key sectors of activity. This sector could give to the community and specially to young people new job opportunities. In this pdf document (http://swotc.ca/wp-content/uploads/Agri-tourism-Strategy.pdf) you will find best practices of agritourism and the strategy and marketing plan implemented by the Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corporation. This could be useful in order to start investigating the topic.

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