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    Sexual, religious and ethnic discrimination (Cagliari)

    There is a the potential risk  of racial and sex discrimination in terms of more of an ideal common problem than a real problem felt by the community of Cagliari.

    The effects of discrimination can be highlighted once we understand the level of it, in our case it refers more to the narrow-mindedness towards other cultures together with reduced amount of openness towards new experiences or towards other possible solutions. The danger of discrimination is practically touching the community mainly on both, European and extra-European level. We would miss important exchanges with the most different and distant realities.

    It could also be argued, at times, that the subjects of a community of different nationalities feel unjustly accused and harassed. Often the sources of these harassments are given mostly by lack of mutual understanding between the host and accommodated. The diversity of the culture and traditions of the host country are not understood, or intolerance from which they feel threatened, brings these guests to take advantage of a special ‘’status’’ with claims that appear to be inconsistent with the general context in which they are inserted. Intolerance and lack of principle of reciprocity sometimes lead to sever clashes between different ethical teams. Lifestyle, culture, language and tradition are often a source of deep fractures and are switched between hosts and guests.

    “To whom we can address this problem in order to fight its causes?”

    First, ‘’non-discrimination’’ education must be an important element in education family. Since this basic core education is often overburdened with commitments and can not (for various reasons, both cultic and economic) meet all its tasks, it is necessary that both of the school take the load.

    More and more incisive ‘’raids’’ at schools coming along specially trained teachers might be another essential method of education.‘International curiosity’’ of young people; curiosity that will hopefully be explained through the inclusion of youth in exchange programs, where they come in contact with other realities and will give them an idea in practice. Therefore, in the light of these experiences the community will be more responsable and capable of making decisions in a more conscious way.

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    I believe that also the interaction with foreign communities inside our country is an important factor, when speaking about discrimination. We cannot love what we don’t know, and in that order of ideas, I think that the implementation of social activities that actually welcome and invites the participation of other cultural circles is a good tool for acceptation and inclusion.

    One example of this is that in Rosario, Argentina, there is an event called “La fiesta de las Colectividades”, which means the party of collective groups, that basically gathers in one place and for one week, all the cultural groups that resides in Rosario, so that they can show it’s traditions, culture, dance, music and typical food. It is a good way of understanding that the city is also made by other cultures, and that we can actually coexist harmonically all together, interacting and learning from each other.

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