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    Lack of active participation in Youth (Cagliari)

    Active participation means the participation of a person in political life and its inclusion in the network of rights and duties which constitute the being citizen, means contributing to the community they belong to, thanks to a sense of civic participation. Sometimes there is a big problem among young people who are not able to identify and exploit the resources of the context in which they live, they do not feel adequate to be an active part of a group, do not have enough confidence in themselves, are not able to analyze a problem and find solutions, tend to complain and not to take action to change the context in which they live. Young people do not feel represented by political institutions and have no sense of responsibility towards the community in which they live.

    How to solve this issue?

    It is recognized as really important the organization of awareness campaigns on topics related to active participation and round tables to collect instances of young people in the area in order to work for the need of the youth community. In order to give a real value to these moments of participation, they should not be episodic but they should become a possible tool for policy planning. One action that could be implemented in this sense is the valorization of the youth council in every community.

     Young people from Cagliari believe that  construction of paths for attracting young people to certain administration bodies of the community is needed. The government institutions should be close to young people, they should also engage them, listen to their needs, get them involved in young policies. It has to be underlined that it is up to young people to be active agents of the change.

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